Chairman's Message

The implementation of STC’s efficient business model during the past years has enabled us to achieve the current level of success, providing value to our customers.

STC’s customers form the main pillar of our success. Year after year, STC has built a reputable image in its pursuit of excellence, winning the trust and confidence of its customers and industry partners. STC has delivered consistent operational performance and financial results even during the recent adverse global economical conditions and shall endeavor to perpetuate these achievements in the future.

Our vision is to be the National Business Leader. STC will continue to acquire new techniques for the expansions of its portfolio, always keeping in mind our customers’ needs and requirements.

Committed to development of human capital STC has long embarked on a strategy to recruit and train adequate management staff in order to support its growing portfolio. Further, the company is on track with its goal of employing and training nationals with the aim of preparing them for leadership positions in the company. STC employees conduct their duties with the highest integrity and corporate governance.

STC is supplying a significantly sizable order of Office Supplies and Equipments, Home Appliances, IT & Telecommunication Accessories, Electrical & Electronic Accessories, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Tyre & EXIDE Batteries, Agricultural Equipments, Machinery Tools & Hardware and Motorbikes.

We are proud of our past and passionate about our future and look forward to continuing our success alongside each of our partners