1   The Sri Lanka State Trading (General) Corporation Ltd sole importer & distributor of chemicals namely, Ammonium  Nitrate, Potassium Nitrate & Formaldehyde invites sealed quotations from  Manufacturers or their Authorized Agents for the import of following items

Item No / Quotation No / Item Name / Quantity for a Single Order
i) STC/CA/AN/01 Ammonium Nitrate – Technical Grade /ANFO   –  20 FCLs (20’)
ii)STC/CA/PN/02 Potassium Nitrate (Fireworks manufacturing industry)-06 FCLs  (20’)
iii)STC/CA/F/03 Formaldehyde – Technical Grade   – 04 FCLs  (20’)

2   Repeat orders will be placed depending on the requirement of consumers.
3   Specifications of the items can be downloaded here.
   i. Tender Notice       ii.  Specifications Sheets

4   The prices should be both on FOB and C&F basis (indicating Freight & Cost separately) in US dollars and the interested parties are requested by indicating the country of origin, delivery period from L/C opening date, packing aspects, detail technical specification of the quoted products, manufacturing capacity and test report obtain from accredited laboratory, such as SGS etc:
5   Bidder must be forwarded sample of minimum 2Kg for quoted product.
6   Separate quotation should be submitted for the above items indicating quotation number on the top left hand corner of the envelope.
7   The decision of the Procurement Committee will be final in all determinations.
8   The sealed quotations shall either be dispatched by post / courier or deposited in the Tender Box placed at the Secretary’s Office of STC on or before 16/12/2016 at 2.00 pm.

The Secretary
Sri  Lanka State Trading (General) Corporation Ltd.
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9   Quotations received after the prescribed date and time will be rejected.

Chairman/Managing Director
Sri Lanka State Trading (General) Corporation Ltd.
100, Nawam Mawatha, Colombo 2

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